Does Mindset Really Matter?

Sometimes, we think something can’t be done. It’s even harder to believe that just changing your mindset could be the catalyst for change. However, it’s true.

I see this happening with our TruMethods members all the time. For instance, one of our TruPeer members struggled with support desk ticket efficiency for years. This individual’s team would average 80 open tickets at the end of the day; eventually, this member held a team meeting, and all agreed to take on a one-touch close mindset. They agreed to do everything possible not to exit a ticket without closing it. It forced the team to think differently and make other small changes to accomplish this. The result is this — they now have just 16 tickets open at the end of the day.

From 80 to 16 — think about that.

I’m sure no one on that team thought that just a change in mindset could make such a dramatic change. It seems illogical if you don’t understand how a change in mindset allows you to change focus, accountability and results.

I hear so many examples of what MSPs think they can’t do. “I can’t sell new MRR.” “We can’t close that many tickets.” “We don’t bill that much in professional services.” “We can’t command those prices.” “We can’t reduce the number of tickets per seat.”

Think about an area of the business holding you back regarding growth and profitability, and then ask, “Can I change my mindset?”

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