Does Your Outside Salesperson Struggle With Decision Making?

When it comes to selling the value of the Technology Success Process to prospects, we stress to TruMethods members the importance of simplifying the sales process. Remember: Simplicity equals success. Over-complicating the sales process by focusing on the bottom of the value stack — pricing, technical issues, etc. — negatively impacts your bottom line. Sounds simple enough to understand, right? Well, there’s an obstacle MSP owners face when attempting to develop and implement a simple sales process: their outside salespeople.

When the people trying to simplify the sales process aren’t good decision makers, they need to look at how they make decisions. I’m sure this sounds like a no brainer to you, but I can’t tell you how many times we’ve come across this very issue with salespeople in the industry. Sure, they understand what they should be doing to keep the sales process simple and how controlling complexity leads to more MRR; however, what they often don’t realize is they’re actually the ones complicating many of the deals, not prospects.

Think about it like this: Our goal as salespeople is to simplify the decision process for prospects, but if we see decisions in a complicated way, we project that mentality onto prospects. That’s something I learned as a young salesman. Since then, I’ve tried to simplify my own decision process around all purchases. Figuring out how your salespeople make purchases is one way to determine if they’re complicating the process.

For example, let’s say your salesperson is looking to spend $1,000 on television set. Instead of keeping things simple, you watch your salesperson browse 20 websites and visit three stores over the course of a month to avoid paying an extra $50. Sounds a bit excessive, no? If your salesperson’s buying process is complicated — like the one I just outlined — prospects are going to have a tough time with your company’s sales process.

If your outside salesperson can’t make purchasing decisions in a timely manner, don’t worry. There’s still hope for your business. After you’ve identified the issue, sit down with your salesperson and point out the problem. You must re-frame the way your salesperson views the buyer decision process. Take some time to remind your employee what we at TruMethods have taught you about simplifying the MSP sale process: Paint in broad strokes. Don’t forget to also mention the following: Going granular only makes matters worse by introducing unforeseen complexities to the process. Use the sales training we’ve provided you with to help simplify the sales process for your salesperson.

When you’re simplifying your sales process, be sure everybody involved can make decisions in a timely manner. If they can’t, when it comes to generating MRR, you could be setting your business up for failure. Your salespeople need to be able to break down the buyer decision process in their own lives in order for them to simplify the MSP sales process for prospects. If your salespeople are introducing complexities, help them overcome by teaching them when you’ve learned during our sales training sessions.

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