Is Offering Free Risk Assessments to Qualified MSP Prospects a Good Idea?

MSPs are getting creative with their sales conversations. For example, some MSPs are offering qualified prospects free risk assessments in an attempt to move their sales discussions along. While this is a potential strategic tool to use with qualified prospects, be careful making assessments a part of every sale, as there could be unintended consequences.

While I am in favor of anything that works, I have found that having the right pain conversation can oftentimes get you to the same place faster and without having to use so many of your valuable resources.

For instance, you can uncover common issues by simply asking a prospect a few questions. The next step would be to then have the prospect attach a value to the pain they’re experiencing and plan the next agreed upon steps. In this case, there is no assessment necessary.

Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid when offering free risk assessments to qualified prospects.

First, doing a free risk assessment for each of your qualified prospects takes up not only time but also resources, which takes resources away from adding value to your customers (you know, the people already paying for your services). Remember: Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Being smart with your time keeps money in your pocket and your customers happy!

Then there’s the sales conversation itself. The goal should be to always shift the sales conversation away from technology, not toward it. By incorporating a free risk assessment into your sales conversation with a client, you could swing the pendulum in the wrong direction. Instead of talking about how you can help prospects with solving their business challenges, you’re evaluating security postures and assessing risk.

The key to leveraging an assessment is to be sure you have an understanding with the prospect on what happens after the assessment. “Mr. Prospect, I am confident the assessment will uncover issues and changes that we would recommend. What would happen next?” If the prospect has no intention of working with you no matter the results of the assessment, you want to know that upfront.

Offering free risk assessments to qualified prospects can work, but first, ask if there is a way to have the same conversation without having to deploy valuable resources.

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