TruMethods Member Q&As You May Have Missed in 2021

We have the luxury of speaking with hundreds of TruMethods members about their day-to-day struggles and well-deserved successes. We always learn something new and interesting whenever we meet (whether it be in person or virtually) with our MSPs. We always look forward to sitting down with a new member or catching up with someone who’s been following the TruMethods framework for years.

While we unfortunately don’t have the time to sit down with all our members for in-depth conversations, We’ve had discussions throughout the year with many of them, some of which we’ve published on the TruMethods blog and have impacted the way our members think about running an MSP in world where the IT threat landscape is ever-changing.

Here are four TruMethods member Q&As you may have missed in 2021.

TruMethods Member Q&A: Rethinking the MSP Business Model with TruPeer & myITprocess

When something’s not working, it’s time to reevaluate what you’re doing. There’s bravery in asking for help. And after you do, you’re oftentimes rewarded. Jimmy Huber, president and founder of InfoTech, spoke about how he has implemented what he’s learned from TruPeer, what TruMethods provides that other vendors can’t and how myITprocess has helped him with developing a repeatable client process that is the basis for high-value relationships.

TruMethods Member Q&A: Process is the Key to Success

Processes must be put in place if you want your business to succeed. We at TruMethods work with you to accomplish just that. Paul Barnett, CEO of Network Depot, a Reston, VA-based MSP and TruMethods member, revealed why he believes TruMethods is so valuable, shared his thoughts on the TruMethods methodology, and highlighted his favorite feature of the myITprocess software

TruMethods Member Q&A: Why Structure in Peer Groups Matters

You don’t join a peer group to network with people in your industry. You join one to learn and overcome the challenges you’re facing. And the only way a peer group can help you with that is by being organized and providing you with the right content. Jason Buckley, Partner at Jasco Technology, a Las Vegas-based MSP, revealed how TruPeer is different than other industry peer groups, what he’s learned from being a member of our peer group, and how other MSPs can benefit from TruPeer.

TruMethods Member Q&A: ‘The Number One Thing I Hoped to Change was Me’

Joining a peer group takes a lot of courage. While being in a peer group can benefit you in many ways, the process usually isn’t for the faint of heart. Peer groups are designed to give you tough love when it’s warranted. Being open minded is key to your success in any peer group. Hoyt Hagens, president of ProMission, a Meridian, Idaho-based MSP with customers in several industries, revealed how he was willing to be vulnerable and make changes to improve business results, how TruPeer (TruMethods newest peer offering) has made him more accountable, and what MSPs considering TruPeer should know about the industry-leading peer group.

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