Giving Back and the TruMethods Way

If we are not making someone else’s life better, are we really doing our best? Our President, Gary Pica would say the answer to that question is no. What does giving back really mean in the TruMethods way?  There are a few facets to the concept we encourage members to embrace:

The obvious definition of ‘giving back’ is doing volunteer work and helping your fellow humans. On an MSP level, this could also mean offering services to one or two clients that maybe can’t afford your true Company Way, but definitely deserve it. While it would not be good business practice to give them service for free, maybe we can give them legacy pricing, or a percentage discount.  (NOTE: We unfortunately cannot do this for every client, but since we live with our averages, one or two is fine, especially if we have a good amount of clients at the top of our average AISP range.) We can do our part to keep that adorable Mom and Pop shop that’s been open for 50 years that is now on a fixed income a fighting chance to stay open for another 50 years.

Giving back also means doing our best for our clients every day, in every way.  This means providing Technology Success to as many people as we possibly can. The Tech Success process is really quite symbiotic, because not only does it help us as the MSP keep our noise down, standardize our clients, and optimize our profits, but it helps the client do what they do in a more efficient way.  If a client doesn’t have to continue to call about this ticket or that fire, they have more time to invest in doing what their business actually does. This causes such a domino effect!

Even throughout the time of Covid-19, TruMethods has been giving back to our members and to the community by doing what we do best – showing people how to run their businesses in an even more awesome way during a time when many people are simply ‘hunkering down’.  The content we put out is not only informative and comprehensive, but also uplifting; Gary wants to remind people that if we all have to go through a pandemic, at least we can help ourselves and more people along the way.

Gary didn’t have to start TruMethods.  He didn’t have to show people how he did what he did, or help them reach Technology Success. He started the company because he wanted to help others.  The TruMethods way as a whole is about helping others, with our unique perspective and business practices. While we all work hard and sales people need to make sales, often times it feels like sales are just a by-product of helping people.  Clients see this sincerity in every situation with which you interact with them, and it helps them to trust us. By giving back to the client through Technology Success and helping the community, we prove that trust is well-deserved.

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