Hope is Not A Strategy

To achieve your goals for 2021, you need to truly understand your current situation. Are you being truly proactive and creating leverage in your business model? What are your drivers of success? What will you be doing differently this year to increase your MRR? Do you have a well thought out plan on how to change things?

If you think that you can achieve new results by doing the same things you’ve done for years in your business, you’re kidding yourself! In the end, you are just hoping things get better — and hope is not a strategy. This mentality can be seen in all types of business leaders in mature and immature businesses.

Hitting sales, revenue and profitability numbers are the result of having command, choosing the right priorities, and executing on those priorities. In other words, having a plan and working that plan.

The reality is if you want dramatically different results, you must do something or more likely many things dramatically different. I always say that everyone makes exactly what they’re worth — like it or not. Every business is exactly where the leaders have taken it.

Hope is not a strategy. But strategy is a strategy.

Here’s the other side of the coin. Each of us in our careers and businesses have opportunities. We all have unlocked potential. We can begin to unlock that potential starting today.

Hopefully, you’ve completed a plan, either a personal plan for yourself, or if you’re a business leader, your 2021 business plan. If not, come on, man, that’s not a strategy!

If you have a plan, be sure you share it with others inside and outside of the organization. If you’re a member of our TruMethods Peer Groups, your peers have already taken a look at your plan. If you’re not in a peer group, find someone outside your organization with knowledge of your business to review and check the plan.

I love when teams set aggressive goals, ones that they really have to stretch to meet. Goals that even if you fall short, move the business forward in significant ways. However, I love these goals only if they’re driven by a plan that is founded in facts.

Only then can we truly hope for dramatic results.

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