MSP Business Owner Psychosis

Even before the pandemic, as a business owner, it was easy to get caught up in always being focused on the future — the next month, the next plan, the next hill to climb. Now, with everything going on in the world today, living in the moment and appreciating everything life has to offer can be even more of a struggle for MSP owners. Because of this, it can be hard to enjoy the present.

This could also bring up some regret as well. Think about the entirety of your career as a business owner. Could you have enjoyed time with family and friends more if you had been able to be more present? If these feelings sound familiar, you may be experiencing this too.

I call this “business owner psychosis,” and it’s all too common.

How you can live more in the moment

I think many of us can relate to these feelings of regret — I know I can.

When I became a business owner for the first time, I always had a general feeling of impending doom, but over time, I learned to shift my mindset by continuing to educate myself on two things: strategic business planning and life planning.

To be successful in business, your life needs to be in order. Your business goals shouldn’t be far off from your life goals. In fact, they should complement each other. The only way to determine what you want out of life is by evaluating where you are now and where you’d like to end up.

In your personal life, I suggest working with a financial planner to help you lay out a long-term plan for yourself and your family.

Creating plans helps you figure out what you want from your business, gives you a sense of direction, and offers you a sense of ease to allow you to better enjoy the present.

How TruMethods can help you

We at TruMethods do our best to prepare our members for a successful year ahead. Our team develops, publishes and promotes blog posts, webinars, whitepapers and podcast episodes on how MSPs can better position themselves for greatness in the new year.

I encourage all TruMethods members to review the awesome content we have on our members portal. For non-members, we also have some great free content on our Resources page. We want to help you prepare for this year ahead and give you some guidance during this crazy time we are all going through. There’s a lot to review, but if generating more MRR, reducing reactive noise and increasing your profit margins sound like goals you want to achieve, you must dedicate some time to educating yourself on strategic business planning — start now.

With the proper planning in place, you can focus more on living in the moment.

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