How to Network at Schnizzfest Effectively

Schnizzfest’s agenda this year is jam-packed with panels, special content sessions and networking opportunities. While over the past few months I’ve covered what attendees can expect from this year’s education tracks, I haven’t reviewed the hours we’ve allocated to networking opportunities.

There are seven hours dedicated to networking opportunities in the Schnizzfest schedule this year. There’s a welcome reception, a networking lunch, the Schnizz Party and more. Depending on how you use your time at the event, you could technically network a lot longer than seven hours. 

Now, not everybody is a natural networker, so if you’re someone who isn’t very comfortable with networking, here are a few tips to consider before attending Schnizzfest.

Become social ahead of time

Schnizzfest is filled with awesome TruMethods members and we don’t want to see anyone standing awkwardly in a corner during the event! Now is your chance to learn from them and share your personal knowledge. Put yourself out there by striking up conversations with fellow attendees. Have they been to Schnizzfest in past years? Ask them about their experience, what they loved most about the event, and what they are looking forward to most this year.

Take advantage of what social media platforms can offer you before and during the event. Use social media to find out if any of your connections are attending Schnizzfest. What about people you’ve been talking with for the past year but haven’t met? Are they joining us in Orlando? Monitor posts under #Schnizzfest across social media platforms to find out who’s planning on attending the event. Reach out ahead of time to ask if they’d be willing to meet up with you before the event. Also, don’t forget to visit the TruMethods social media platforms before and during the event to see who is liking Schnizzfest content.

Be a listener first and foremost

You don’t always have to have something to say at networking opportunities. In fact, sometimes, it’s better to simply listen to input from others. Use networking opportunities at Schnizzfest to learn from fellow TruMethods members and don’t be afraid to ask thoughtful questions. Be genuinely interested in what your fellow attendees have to say.

Staying a few extra days in Orlando?

There may be opportunities for you to connect with members immediately after Schnizzfest. If you’re staying a few extra days in Orlando, you’re probably not the only one! While you’re networking at Schnizzfest, be on the lookout for other TruMethods memberswho’ve taken additional days to soak up the Florida sun. Schedule some time to sit down with them after the conference to find out if there are potential opportunities to collaborate on or if they can help to solve any problems you’ve come across in your business.

You probably don’t get the opportunity to connect in person with TruMethods members often, so while you’re in Orlando, use your time wisely. Look for ways to extend your Schnizzfest experience if you’re staying a few extra days in The Sunshine State. Yes, head down to the beach if you want to soak in the warm weather, but also do your best to make the most of your time with TruMethods members.

Let’s go people! Networking at Schnizzfest doesn’t have to be intimidating. To get the most out of Schnizzfest, take a minute or two before the conference to find out who’s attending; when you’re networking, remember to listen first and foremost; and after the event, if you’re staying in Orlando for a few extra days, schedule time with other TruMethods members doing the same to discover untapped opportunities.

It’s going to be awesome!

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