Is Social Media Not Working for You or Your MSP? It Could Be You!

I had a chance at DattoCon 2022 to listen to Gary Vaynerchuk. If you’re familiar with “Gary Vee,” you know he’s very popular on YouTube. I know he can be polarizing (and uses the F-word more than me), but he shared an interesting view of social media.

He said that most people over 40 have a strong bias about social media that keeps them from understanding the platforms and their power. Speaking about LinkedIn, he said you should be on the platform if you own a business, especially a service business, and post content at least 3 times a day. I know that seems hard, and it is hard, but it is possible! He said the best way to do that is by starting a podcast and interviewing prospects and customers. Then cut your interviews into one-to-two-minute clips to post.

He explained that all platforms mature. For example, 15 years ago Facebook was for college kids — and today, it’s for grandparents. He said if you did something interesting 3 years ago on Instagram or Tiktok, that would gain 200 followers. Today, that same post would get you 20,000 followers. Social media is like real estate; it gets bought up over time. LinkedIn is early in changing its algorithm from what Instagram and Facebook had based on followers to what Tiktok does in terms of interest.

He said that people who have been to his speeches email him daily to tell him that they posted on LinkedIn for three weeks, and it didn’t work. He responds with, “LinkedIn works. You just suck at it.” But he also gets emails daily from people who followed his lead and changed their businesses.

If you want to start a podcast, Dan Tomaszewski, EVP of Channel at Kaseya, has a great session in the Powered Services Pro portal that takes you through exactly what you need to do. Also, if you’re a TruPeer member, we just did a great workshop on social media for MSPs, and it is in the peer portal.

This is another example of how removing our bias and preconceived ideas about something can open the most significant opportunities.

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