Navigating the Choppy MSP Waters Together

We’re in the midst of a rapidly changing reality. Without a doubt, the world has changed. It’s never going to be the way it was before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Even though a new reality will evolve, we don’t know what that’s going to look like exactly. There’s so much uncertainty, but what I see today is that many of you are very tactical right now when dealing with the surge of activities from customers — and that’s a good thing.

I’m encouraging you to spend time each day — and TruMethods will help you do it — thinking about what comes next, as all businesses begin to feel the full impact of the fact that much of the global economy is shutting down for an undetermined amount of time.

We’re in uncharted waters.

We at TruMethods have so much we want to share, so we’ll be doing weekly COVID-19 situation webinars. I’ll also be doing audio messages more often to deliver more content.

Right now, I want you to think about a few overarching things.

  1. First, this surge of activity will end. You need to think about the next phase of a rapid economic slowdown.
  2. Cash, cash, cash — look at your cash and your credit facilities today.
  3. Using this situation to figure out how to be a better MSP — more efficient, more proactive, more secure, more valuable to your customers.
  4. Build stronger and more strategic relationships with your clients.
  5. Don’t be reactive and cut people in expenses indiscriminately or things will go from bad to worse. I’ve seen this happen several times in my 25-year IT provider career.

We are here with our team of experts and our members that we’ve made part of our taskforce to guide you through this. There’s opportunity in the situation at hand, but you must prepare for it now.

If you’re a TruMethods member, our team has developed process and support materials to help you deliver alignment and vCIO services remotely using myITprocess, so reach out to your dedicated Member Success Advisor for assistance.

All of your clients will need more strategic help over the next year, so get on the same page and stay close to them. There will be winners and losers in the fallout of what lies ahead.

First and foremost, stay safe, and keep your families and your team safe.

Together, we will navigate the choppy waters and emerge better business leaders.

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