myITprocess Feature Release: Flexible Assets

Better organization is always one of those things that we often leave ‘until later’. At the same time, we understand how crucial good organization can be. To make organization better in myITprocess, we enhanced our IT Glue integration to support flexible assets. Since flexible assets allow you to customize your own workflow processes, we gave you a lens into this area of IT Glue from within myITprocess.

We focus on three key areas for this integration. First is the review process, which we term ‘alignment’. This is the act of assessing your client’s environment compared to your best practices in your standards library and identifying where gaps may exist. Associating flexible assets to a specific question about that client’s environment provides visibility into the details about how that item should be in an ideal setting.

Next, for each client’s template – their individual view of your global standards library where you can omit items that don’t apply to that client – you can now attach flexible assets directly to their questions. The power of having documentation for each organization will now be present for each client in myITprocess and make the alignment process that much more efficient.

Finally, flexible assets can be added directly to strategic roadmap recommendations to provide supporting documentation when you present your findings to your clients. Flexible assets can inform your client of the ‘why’ behind the dollars you’re suggesting they spend.

Since flexible assets improve processes in IT Glue, we now enhance that workflow by joining together excellent documentation with a dedicated alignment process.

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