Preparing for the Aftermath of COVID-19: What MSPs Can Do Now

While the worst of the economic impact may be upon us, I want to offer some perspective on what MSPs should be thinking about, what the TruMethods team is doing to assist its members and how MSPs can come out on top after the pandemic subsides. 

First, remember that this phase of the crisis will end. 60 to 90 days from now, you’ll have to live with your company, customers, team members, vendors and decisions. The decisions you make today will impact you beyond this short-term storm.

While you may have some hard decisions to makebe thoughtful, find win-win scenarios with both customers and your vendors whenever possible — and at times when thisisn’t possible, do your best to at least communicate in an open and honest way.

Ninety days from now, you’ll need to find a way to be a better IT provider. You may be a little smaller or less profitable in the short-term, but you need to make your focus and the focus of your decisions on being more valuable to your customers, more strategic, secure, proactive, and process-driven.

What are we doing at TruMethods to assist members?

We’ve created a COVID-19 task force internally to help support our members with any COVID-19 related challenges they may come across.If you think this task force can help you, be sure to reach out to your Member Success Advisoror email

I’ve also been ramping up the numbers of podcast episodes I produce. To switch things up a bit, instead of being a one-man show on the podcastI’m planning oninterviewing some of our members and otherindustry folks to provide you with some additional perspectives.

Additionally, we’ve been holding morewebinars. Right nowthese COVID-19 related events are being held on Thursdays at noon.Our members have been providing somereally greatinformation during these webinars. 

For those of youpart of a TruMethods peer group, we’re holding weekly office hours every Friday at noon.

In our training portal, there’s also now a COVID track. We’re posting the weekly COVID-19 related webinars there, and we’ll also populate it with offline content. We’re also planning on uploading guidance on how MSPs can navigate the CARES Act (in addition to using our internal resources on this initiative, we’re working with a third-party vendor).

What should MSPs do right now? 

Over the next 30 to 60 days, focus on protecting your businessbut also spend time looking beyond the shortterm impact of COVID-19 to ensure you’re preparing yourself to take advantage of the new opportunities that are already beginning to present themselves.

I want to reiterate that the decisions you make in the next 30 to 60 days will impact what will happen on the other side of this — and there is another side.

As we move forward, I want you tocome up on the right side of this, which is why we’ve been leaning on a lot of our members and experts right now to provide you with more guidance on how to navigate these challenging times.

Always keep in mind the following during these uncertain times: Bethoughtful, careful and safe.

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