Schnizzfest 10: The Date Has Been Set

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Finally, the announcement you’ve been waiting for: Schnizzfest will be held in January 2020 in Orlando, FL. 

Yes, we've moved the time and location of our event for TruMethods members. Traditionally, we've held Schnizzfest in June in our hometown of Philadelphia, but for the 10th anniversary of Schnizzfest, we decided to mix things up. 

There are several reasons why we moved the time and location of Schnizzfest: 


Too much competition. 

Several other industry events have recently encroached on the June timeframe, so we thought this would be the perfect time to reset Schnizzfest and prepare for our second decade of awesomeness.  


Skip out on the cold. 

Come January, many of us — especially those of us in the Northeast — will be combatting the colder weather. Sounds like the perfect time to head to sunny Florida, doesn’t it? 


Get a head start on the year ahead. 

Moving Schnizzfest to the beginning of the year allows us to help our members get a better jump on the year ahead.   


Here’s what to expect 

On Sunday, January 19, is our welcome reception. There’s going to be plenty of plenty of food and drink available, so make sure you get to Orlando early enough to join us. 

The following day we kick off day one with my keynote and a presentation by a guest speaker, which will be announced shortly (we’re in the process of the finalizing the agreement). Over the past few years, we’ve had some great guest speakers, including Matthew Michalewicz and Mike Rayburn 

Trust me when I say this: This year's presenter isn’t going to disappoint you.  

Day one’s afternoon will contain plenty of amazing content aimed at changing your perspective about what's possible. Our sessions will provide you with key takeaways you can easily implement in your business.  

At the Schnizz party, you’ll get the opportunity to have some fun, meet new people and connect with old friends. 

On Tuesday, our half day, we’re doing things a little bit differently for Schnizzfest 2020.  

At the event next year, we’re going to have three tracks available for you to choose from: the Sales Acceleration Track, where key process, strategy and tactics to accelerate your MSP sales engine will be covered; the Business Leaders Track, which will cover core areas to build a scalable and high profit MSP business; and the Technology Success Track, which is for anyone involved in service delivery. 


There’s no other industry event like Schnizzfest 

I've been lucky enough to attend and speak at most of our industry’s top events. While there are some really great events in our industry, they tend to center around product and vendor presentations. 

At TruMethods, our product is your awesomeness.  

We at TruMethods spend our days helping MSPs soar and learn new ways to help solve market challenges — and that’s why Schnizzfest has been so successful over the years. 

Don’t forget: Super Early Bird Pricing ends on July 31. As always, spacing is limited, so don’t wait too long to register. 

I cannot wait to celebrate our 10th Schnizzfest with everybody at the Caribe Royale in Orlando in January 2020!  

I believe Schnizzfest 10 will be our greatest achievement. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you there. 

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