Selling in A Pandemic: Top Sales Topics for MSPs to Review

We’ve shared a first together: Selling during a global pandemic. 

It hasn’t been easy, has it? When the pandemic first hit, we were heading into uncharted waters. To some extent, we still don’t know what lies ahead, but we’ve been doing everything possible to prepare, especially when it comes to selling more at the right price.

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, many of us have weathered the storm, but here’s something to remember:There are moreobstacles ahead. Now is not the time to get complacent. 

Remain vigilant.

Take some time to review some of the sales topics we covered on the TruMethods blog since the start of the pandemic.

It’s Selling Season, and It May Be Your MSP’s Most Successful One Yet!

Selling season is the time between September and the end of the year when the conditions are especially good for adding new MRR at the right price. Business leaders during this period are evaluating people, reviewing processes, and assessing vendors to ensure they finish the remainder of the year strong and prepare accordingly for the following one. We’ve watched many of you achieve your sales goal this year during a pandemic. But there’s something special about the psychology of this time of year, as business leaders turn their attention to the end of the year and start thinking about 2021.

Setting the Stage in MSP Sales: ‘No’ is the Sweetest Sound You’ll Ever Hear

An initial meeting with a prospect doesn’t have to be unpredictable.(In fact, it shouldn’t be.)The process of “setting the stage” during the initial conversation with a prospect increases the likelihood of you being able to control the discussion from the onset, including getting the prospect to tell you no, which, believe it or not, isn’t necessarily always a bad thing.

Priced to Sell

In the current economic climate, conversations around service pricing are often going to be tense and possibly even counterproductive.When an MSP receives a call asking for a quote, odds are the prospect is price shopping. MSPs that have built their pricing around the actual value they create may not fare well in a price-only comparison.

Reevaluating Your MSP Sales Process: What’s on Your Preflight Checklist?

Many MSPs obsess too much over what they should say or do during sales appointments that they often forget about one of the most significant steps of the sales process — the preflight checklist.

In Times of Crisis, Your MSP Leads Are Closer Than You Think

I think we can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented MSPs with a range of new business opportunities, particularly in the cybersecurity space. Instead of trying to have conversations with prospects about why implementing enhanced security measures is essential, why not have candid discussions with business leaders you connect with on a regular basis?

Is Now the Right Time for MSPs to Sell to Prospects? You Bet

Many MSPs are having a tough time selling in the current climate. They fear they are being insensitive by reaching out to businesses during these unprecedented times. Here’s the thing, it’s simply not true.

MSP Sales Advice: Who Are Your Centers of Influence?

Many MSPs aren’t cultivating enough COIs (centers of influence) to generate new business. While there are many ways to generate leads, COIs are a keystone of your warm lead generation process.

Read and reread the blog posts above if you want to cultivate better leads, generate more MRR and stay ahead of your competitors in the new year.

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