Is Now The Right Time for MSPs to Sell to Prospects? You Bet It Is

Many MSPs are having a tough time selling in the current climate. They fear they are being insensitive by reaching out to businesses during these unprecedented times. Here’s the thing, it’s simply not true.

Now is the time businesses need you the most. If you reach out to your customers and leads correctly, when this crisis is over, your sales pipeline will grow significantly.

There are several reasons why you should continue to sell during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Decision makers are now more accessible than ever before

With mostly everyone in the country on lockdown, decision makers are chained to their desks. They’re not traveling or leaving the office for sales calls. They are more than likely sitting at home, answering calls, video conferencing with their employees and counting down the days until they are able to return to their offices. Now, more than ever, is the time to pick up the phone to call leads in your sales pipeline. The decision makers you’ve been wanting to talk with are now at the other end of the line. Use this opportunity to get to know them and have meaningful and valuable conversations.

Have the right conversations

You have to be able to adapt to the situation at hand. Even though decision makers are more accessible than ever before, they won’t have just any conversation with you. You must communicate to them how you can assist them with their current issues. In other words, what are their pain points? How can you help them with the challenges they’re facing in their businesses currently? Despite how you may feel, you are not being insensitive by reaching out to prospects during this crisis.

You’re not coming across as insensitive if you’re genuinely concerned
There’s nothing wrong with checking in on leads to see how they’re doing during these uncertain times. In fact, many of them will thank you for reaching out. Some of them may even take you up on what you’re offering. Your goal for these conversations should be to not only help, but educate your leads. Remember the following: You’re there for them. You’re lending a helping hand. When you position yourself as someone who can help, decision makers are more likely to respond positively to your calls. When reaching out to leads, you should have a strategy in place — not all leads are equal.

Which leads should you start with?

Begin reaching out to the leads at the bottom of your sales funnel. You’ve worked so hard to get them there, so start with them. Work your way up to the top and contact everybody in your pipeline who has passed on your services at some point. These leads may change their minds now. Now is the time to educate prospects on how they can properly navigate today’s choppy waters. By educating instead of selling, you put yourself in a better position to close more sales once we get past this crisis, which we will. This isn’t the time for the ‘hard sell’. Now is the time to check in with prospects to see how they are doing and provide valuable services to make their business more successful.

You’re not doing anything wrong by selling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Change your messaging up, be genuine, and by the end of this crisis, you’ll be in a great spot to convert your leads to customers.

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