Thriving in the New Normal: Understanding the Challenges of Attracting and Retaining Talent

We are in a new normal regarding the issues surrounding attracting and retaining talent, and many factors contribute to this.

There’s near-zero tech unemployment, the competition for talent is no longer localized and your requirements have changed. Additionally, you’ve doubled the number of tools in your stack in recent years, your customer’s technology has changed and your target market has also crept up. All these things require more experience and knowledge during a time when it’s harder to come by. The outcome is that tech resources need to know more.

So how do we adapt? Here are just a few things to consider.

Hiring and training must be done through a well-thought-out approach, which requires a well-defined process in place. Culture needs to be a real thing that you nurture and get regular feedback on. You also need to be able to get results from less experienced people by leveling them up. This means having a well-defined and well-documented process, providing excellent training, and leveraging automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Each role must be explicitly defined with clear accountability. Also, consider some other sources and potentially offshoring resources.

Ultimately, our businesses are more complex, and this calls for you to become a more mature business continually. You need to set priorities and have a process to stay accountable at all levels of the organization. Human capital is just one example of the new normal for MSPs. 

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