Too Many Anchors Are Holding You Back

Many of you may have heard the saying that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. While this may not be completely accurate, it has some truth to it.

You should spend time with positive people and avoid negative thinking. Because of this, I have fewer relationships, but they are much closer ones.

However, you must be careful. There are well-intended people close to us — family, friends, business partners — who can hold us back. These are people we have known for a long time, some of whom treat us like the people we used to be. Others love us, but they project onto us based on their anxieties or self-images.

These people can become anchors regarding your ability to fulfill your potential or improve your self-image — and they are not easy to deal with. It does not mean you necessarily have unhealthy relationships with these individuals. It just means you must be aware and find ways to communicate differently.

You are responsible for your attitude and self-image. You must protect them at all costs.

I am fortunate to have had people around me who have seen my potential. Despite that, I have had situations, opportunities or decisions over the years where others created unnecessary uncertainty for me on things that I was sure of.

Again, awareness is the key.

Take a minute to look at the people around you in business and life, and ask, “How do I like the way I see myself through their eyes?”

If you realize too many anchors are holding you down, it is time for you to take out the bolt cutters and set sail.

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