Right of Boom: Key Takeaways for MSPs

In February, I attended the Right of Boom conference, a cybersecurity event for managed service providers (MSPs). Many of the conference’s attendees were from the Weekly CyberCall community. I wrapped up the show with a few words and moderated a panel on packaging, pricing and security go-to-market. Based on my experience, I have some thoughts to share with you.

First off, the show’s format was unique. The conference organizers wrapped the entire show around a threat brief. They chose a threat actor and started left of boom with protection and moved right of boom to respond and recover. This gave everyone — owners, CIOs, vCISOs and engineers — unique perspectives on where they are regarding how they handle cyberattacks, which was awesome.

CISA Executive Director Brandon Wales also did a remote live interview. To me, this was a big deal, and it marks a turning point in our industry. Our government’s highest levels now recognize the MSP’s role in cybersecurity. There has also been some discussion on Capitol Hill around new cyber guidelines, some of which move more responsibility from SMBs to IT providers. While legislators may not pass these guidelines until 2024, we must follow developments closely.

Finally, I saw many of our TruPeer members there, which made me excited. Our members are the ones making progress and reassessing their security postures as a result. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished as a community and will continue to ensure we’re leading the industry.

The CyberCall has built a great community, and I’m happy to see so many of you benefit from it. Change equals opportunity for well-run mature MSPs. This is an important year for all of us. Don’t lose sight of what’s ahead.

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