Top 3 vCIO Blog Posts in 2021 You May Have Missed

The vCIO process is one of the most important aspects of the TruMethods framework we teach to managed services providers (MSPs). The vCIO is responsible for relationship management, client education, life cycle budgeting, and more. Putting the wrong person in the vCIO role could prove disastrous for not only you, but also your customer.

While we’ve covered many topics on the TruMethods blog for vCIOs over the past year, a few stood out for a variety of reasons, including their timeliness. After reading the blog posts below, browse through our library of blog posts from over the past year to review other blogs you may have missed!

3 Tips for vCIOs to Create Strategic Business Initiatives

When creating strategic initiatives in the myITprocess Strategic Roadmap, it’s common to get pulled in the direction of creating initiatives that reference technology versus plugging into clients’ business initiatives. Recommendations can and should be a blend of business and technology suggestions, but should always reference a business case as to why the recommendation should be accepted.

A Metaphor for Continuous Improvement in Technology Alignment & vCIO

When it comes to proactive activities like Technology Alignment and vCIO, we either continue the discipline which allows for it to stay clean and efficient, or we fall off course which results in most of the work that went into it to unravel. The latter tends to take us back into focusing on reactive, lower value activities which permeate through the organization (similar to the weeds in the parking lot) and impact the company’s efficiency and profitability. Here are some key recommendations that TruMethods makes regularly in order to keep proactive discipline in place as MSPs implement and continuously improve upon the Technology Success practice.

Emotional Intelligence: The vCIO’s Secret Weapon

A lot of the business world for many years has revolved around the idea of being efficient and robotic to ensure we are as profitable as possible. And don’t get us wrong, being efficient is great and necessary to have a good business, but for so long the ‘softer’ skills have been neglected, especially in the tech world. The idea of understanding how we work as people and using that as a context to help others and ethically make money is relatively new.

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