Top Cybersecurity Topics for MSPs to Review Before 2020

Going into 2020, cybersecurity is top of mind for MSPs. Cyberattacks now more than ever are impacting businesses, hospitals, governments and other entities. For MSPs, there’s money to be made in the space, but to get a piece of the pie, they must understand how to position themselves. 

CompTIA in its “Industry Outlook 2020″ report highlighted how cybersecurity in the coming year will become more operational. Basically, the association believes organizations will begin treating cybersecurity as a dedicated business function. (Now, I wonder: Where have you heard this before?)

In its report, the CompTIA identified several top cybersecurity topics IT professionals should pay close attention to in 2020 including cybersecurity analytics, privacy, risk analysis, compliance and cybersecurity metrics some of which we’ve covered on our company blog over the past year. 

Below arethe top five cybersecurity posts from our blog you should review before 2020.

Why Improving Incident Response Times is the Key to Preventing Loss

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money,” but when it comes to security incident responses, lost time isn’t just lost revenue. It can also mean a loss of new business, loss of existing customers, loss of critical data, and a loss of brand reputation. In fact, the inability to respond to email and other cyberattacks is resulting in billions of dollars of losses each year for affected businesses.

MSPs, Isn’t Every Month Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

The National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have declared every October “National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)”. But here’s the thing: When you’re in the cybersecurity space, isn’t every month “cybersecurity awareness” month?

Modular Malware Attacks Grow in Frequency

Although it is not a new threat, modular malware is quickly increasing in frequency. Since the start of 2019, Barracuda Labs has identified more than 150,000 unique malicious files. Modular malware is malware with an even more dangerous twist. The robust and evasive attacks are launched in stages, adapting its tactics by analyzing the target’s environment and defenses.

What the Influx of Security Breaches Means for MSPs

With cybersecurity top of mind for business owners, MSPs have an extraordinary opportunity to become more than just IT providers in 2019. When executives review security vulnerability reports for their organizations, they’re forced to look at how breaches would impact overall business risk. This is where MSPs can insert themselves as not only cybersecurity experts, but business risk professionals.

What Account Takeover and Business Email Compromise Attacks Mean for MSPs

Email systems are the number one target of cybercriminals and the situation is only getting worse. Attackers are finding new ways to infiltrate email accounts and use them as a platform for launching other types of attacks.

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