TruMethods Member Q&A: Keeping Yourself Accountable with TruPeer

Keeping yourself accountable is challenging, but when you‘re in a peer group, your peers are the ones keeping you in check. It’s one of the big reasons why MSPs join peer groups, but everyone’s journey and what they take away from peer groups are different.

“In 2018, I attended my first MSP-focused event and heard Gary speak about the TruMethods framework and was instantly intrigued,” said David DeFrancis, owner and founder of IT Proactive, a Costa Mesa, CA-based MSP. “Shortly after we became a member and started with myITprocess and quickly realized that there was a lot more to the framework than just some softwareOver the next year, we slowly started implementing the five delivery areas but didn’t have peers to bounce ideas off and compare notes. When Gary announced TruPeerat Schnizzfest 2020 in Orlando, I was immediately sold and couldn’t wait until it started.”

During our one-on-one conversation, he revealed whathis biggest takeaway from TruPeer has been, what he’s learned from other TruPeer members, and how new TruPeer members should approach the MSP accountability group.

A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

What has been your biggest takeaway from TruPeer?

The biggest takeaway from the groups is the accountability on a regular basis, the ability to compare notes, struggles, services offered with owners of similar size MSPs. The training and guidance that we get from Gary, Peter Briden and the entire TruMethods team has been invaluable.

What have you learned from other TruPeer members?

I’ve learned that I’m not alone in my challenges and struggles. The group has given me confidence in process. I’ve been able to bounce package and pricing ideas, employee engagement, service delivery, tools and most importantly — Smart Numbers. 

How should new TruPeer members approach the program? 

New TruMethods members should come in with an open mind with the understanding that some of us have been doing this for years and to not be intimidated by the use of TruMethodsacronyms. TruPeermembers love to help, it’s the way we learn and grow. One of the most important things will be ability to carve out time in their schedule.

If you would like to learn more about our TruPeer accountability group, click here.

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