New to TruMethods? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’ve recently joined the TruMethods community, welcome! While we’re excited to have you on board, there are few things you should know about being a TruMethods member before beginning your journey to becoming a top-performing MSP.

By joining TruMethods, you’ve decided it’s time for you to drive better business results and are willing to do the work to get thereBelieve it or not, the latter is what’s most important. As I’ve always said, if you want to be somewhere dramatically different, then you must do something dramatically different to get there.

We at TruMethodsare going to help you with that. When joining TruMethods, you can expect to be involved with a team of people who are truly awesome and really care about your success. Also, your peers are like-minded in terms of how they approach and think about business, their expectations, and their willingness to share and help each other out.

Expect to roll up your sleeves on day one. You’ll be assigned to a TruMethods Member Success Manager (MSA)who‘llassist you with our onboarding process. It’s a process that we’ve built and honed over the past decade, and it will allow you to see your current situation a little differently, so that the right priorities and changesyou need to make will become more obvious.

But a word of advice: Above all else, focus on understanding the TruMethods framework.

All too often I see new members picking and choosing the lessons they feel like taking and implementing, rather than focusing on fully understanding our tried-and-true framework, which is unfortunate, for implementing the TruMethods framework successfully is key to closing more sales, improving client retention, and growing overall monthly recurring revenue (MRR)If you take the time to learn and understand our frameworkyou’re going to make amazing progress as a TruMethods member.

When you begin seeing the determination and hope that comes from knowing that you not only have a plan, but one you can executethat igoing to get you different resultsThat is going to impact you,your team members and your customers.

And that’s an awesome feeling!

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