TruMethods Member Q&A: Process is the Key to Success

Processes must be put in place if you want your business to succeed. We at TruMethods work with you to accomplish just that.

“We had our best year ever through the pandemic,” said Paul Barnett, CEO of Network Depot, a Reston, VA-based MSP and TruMethods member. “We attribute that to continuing to follow the process and sticking to the plan.”

During our one-on-one conversation, Barnett revealed why he believes TruMethods is so valuable, shared his thoughts on the TruMethods methodology, and highlighted his favorite feature of the myITprocess software.

A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

You have been a TruMethods member for quite a few years (since 2010). What is it about TruMethods that you find to be so valuable?

Insight and guidance on the sales process. More specifically, the review process, driving efficiency by tamping down recurring tickets, and selling projects. Also, originating new managed services sales through the inside/outside sales process.

Do you feel that having a Member Success Advisor and having regular check-ins has been impactful?

Yes, they have been very helpful and keep us accountable to the process.

Have you found that the TruMethods methodology has impacted your business through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Staying engaged with our clients has allowed us to sell more projects, moving people to remote work and cloud services, during the pandemic.

What is your favorite feature of the myITprocess software? How has your team been involved in the software?

We use the review templates quite extensively with our clients. It’s part of our account management process to drive project work, and to tamp down reoccurring tickets and driving efficiency.

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