TruMethods Member Q&A: Rethinking the MSP Business Model with TruPeer & myITprocess

When something’s not working, it’s time to reevaluate what you’re doing. There’s bravery in asking for help. And after you do, you’re oftentimes rewarded. 

“I went to all of Gary’s breakout sessions at DattoCon 2019,” said Jimmy Huber, president and founder of InfoTech. “His message really resonated with me and made me rethink pretty much everything I thought I knew about the MSP business model. I briefly asked him some questions afterwards and quickly learned that he was basically playing 4D chess, and I was woefully behind in my traditional practices. Once I discovered the reasonable price, it was a no-brainer from there.”

During our one-on-one conversation, he spoke more about how he has implemented what he’s learned from TruPeer, what TruMethods provides that other vendors can’t and how myITprocess has helped him with developing a repeatable client process that is the basis for high-value relationships.

A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

Describe your company before joining TruMethods and after. 

We were an eight-person team, underpriced and undervalued. We had been innovating internally from various resources yet hadn’t figured out how to unlock our full potential. Once we started using TruMethods, we slimmed down to six people, started using TruMethods terminology to better communicate as a team and within several months were on a track to growth again.

What’s your biggest takeaway from TruPeer? 

I learned that there are many business owners that deal with the same problems and have the same questions as I do. I am not alone. An entire community of MSP leaders wants to learn and grow together. That’s something special, and I’m grateful to be a part.

How have you implemented what you’ve learned from TruPeer? 

I’ve started tracking my sales leads, updating a PBR and intentionally connecting with my COIs regularly. I’ve almost overnight increased my warm leads and FTAs just by working the system and getting out of my comfort zone. TruPeer has given me the confidence to try new ideas and refine processes that we were already doing, but not talking about effectively internally. This was huge for us and has literally motivated my entire team to be better. They now know “the why” and I’m a better leader because of TruPeer and my continued relationships in my Pod.

What does TruMethods provide you that other vendors don’t?

TruMethods is a platform with countless resources that all help to further my potential and my business to set and meet our goals. Rather than just try to sell me products, TruMethods helps me be better in my own role and enables me to lead others to do the same. The TruMethods team is full of people that care about others, and it shows. They also have a great way of bringing out the best in me personally since many skills I’ve learned at the office carry over into other areas of my life. Most vendors seem to just want to sell and not force the healthy conflict that gets results. I now know how to do that better in my company and with my clients.

How has myITprocess helped you with developing a repeatable client process that is the basis for high-value relationships?

I’ve realized that I already had good client relationships but was not developing them effectively. I had many excuses for that, but myITprocess is helping us build a process to meet regularly with the right people and discuss the right topics that lead to better decisions that matter. I now have regular meetings with decision makers at most clients and can discuss their business goals and not just burning issues or tickets. The value created with myITprocess also carries over into the sales cycle and allows us to command a higher price, which in turn creates the ability for even more value. It’s unlocked so many doors for us, I wish I’d done it years ago!

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