What’s On Your MSP’s ‘Never Again’ List?

I think we’ve all learned a lot over the past month. Think about it. You’ve probably learned a lot about your customers, vendors, team members, process, business fundamentals, and, most of all, yourself.

So, with all the knowledge you’ve acquired, what have you learned about yourself or your business that you would say never again to?

Never again will I have a customer that’s more than 10 percent of my revenue. Never again will I give customers credit on hardware. Never again will I have an inaccurate seat cost calculation.

For me, over the past month, I’ve delegated a lot more to my team. It has made me wonder why I held on to so much for so long. So, for me, never again will I not delegate things I don’t need to do.

Look around your business and start compiling a “never again” list. Ask your team to do the same.

Good things are coming out of the COVID crisis already. (Obviously, I’m not talking about the health crisis or the economy, both of which are very serious.) I’m talking about in our world of business.

Some of the positives have revealed themselves over the past few weeks.

For example, the MSP owners I’ve recently spoken with revealed to me various changes they’ve made to their business processes over the past few weeks, many of which have heightened focus and improved accountability among their team members.

These leaders agreed on the following: Maintaining what they’ve been able to accomplish during this pandemic is absolutely necessary.

In fact, we at TruMethods have talked about building additional accountability measures into our peer process to ensure that our members maintain the improvements they’ve made during these challenging times.

So, start your never again list, add to it, and watch your success continue and flourish on the other side.

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