Where’s TruMethods Heading?

If you attended Schnizzfest this year, you’re already aware of some of the exciting changes we’ve been making at TruMethods. Just in case you forgot where we’re heading as a company, I decided to dedicate this blog post to some of our major roadmap stops.

Why are we making changes?

Well, for starters, we’re changing because the market’s shifting. It’s that simple. Nowadays, SMBs want more from technology, so what’s our response? We’re going to deliver the additional value they’re seeking from us — otherwise, they’ll go elsewhere. Their environments are becoming more complex, and we all know how to manage them.

I look at the changing market as good news for MSPs, and so should you. Customers today want to understand how technology impacts their business results overall. Your technical relationships with customers need to move more toward a partnership based on business value ― and it’s here where the Technology Success Provider (TSP) thrives.

It’s time to evolve the MSP model 

Instead of managing technology, the TSP understands the following concept: The relationship with customers must change. In theory and practice, TSPs focus entirely on producing business results for their customers. These IT providers adapt roles and policies dedicated to helping customers understand the business impact of technologies.

Technology Success World ― as we at TruMethods like to call it ― is where we all should strive to be. It’s where all our customers are waiting for us, and it’s where we all as IT providers will prosper, so begin the journey to Technology Success World with us today.

How will TruMethods help you to Technology Success World?

Well, we’ve been working on some new initiatives you should take full advantage of if you’re going to be joining us on the journey to Technology Success World. For example, for our members, we just launched a new starter kit, which provides additional content on how to transition from an MSP to a TSP. It clearly defines what it means to be a TSP.

We now also have Member Success Advisors available for you to use at your convenience. Their role is to help you implement the TruMethods framework and myITprocess. I personally oversee the Member Success Advisors team, and we still have meetings every week to ensure they’re on top of it all. By the end of this year, we’d like to see all TruMethods members participating in our Member Success Advisor program.

We’ve been working on role-based training manuals for you. For instance, we just completed a 60-page manual for the vCIO role. The manual covers all aspects of being a successful vCIO. We’re currently working on the manual for the Technology Alignment Manager. Why have we been working on these manuals for you? Well, we think it’s important to provide our members with clearly defined roles within the new TSP model.

Other programs we’ve been working on is the Winners Circle Peer Groups, Sales Coaching and Groups, Profit Accelerator Bootcamps, and Inside Sales Training Group.

The current myITprocess roadmap is an exciting one, and it’s something TruMethods CTO Bob Penland and I have been working on for a while. Eventually, within myITprocess, you’ll be able to build out long-term strategic roadmaps for clients provide quarterly recommendations and initiatives, keep tabs on client updates and much more.

What’s closer? The myITprocess Standards Library is replacing the default template. This will basically an update to our technology. There won’t be too many functional changes.

As you can tell, we’ve got a lot going on at TruMethods. We hope you stick around for the ride, and join your fellow peers on the journey to Technology Success World.

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