Why ‘Tickets Closed Per Support Tech’ Is a More Important Metric Than You Think

One disturbing trend that I see with MSPs of all sizes and scales is a reduction in a metric that’s super important — tickets closed per support tech.

This is a big problem because if everything else stays the same, your support costs go up if you’re closing fewer tickets each day per team member. This kind of cost increase is the worst kind since it cuts into your profits and lowers your value. Every dollar of support cost is a dollar you can’t spend and invest in high-value COG tools, such as TAM or vCIO.

I always try to uncover the reason(s) for this with MSPs, and they always fail to provide good answers. Recently, I highlighted to a major MSP their low rate of resolving only four tickets daily. This underperformance suggests severe inefficiencies or a lack of accountability and command over key cost drivers, both equally alarming issues.

Take immediate action by assessing your tickets closed per support tech. Identify who’s accountable and ensure the person understands the expected standard. Ensure this metric is readily available on a weekly dashboard for all leaders to review.

It’s time for you to take a closer look at this metric and make any necessary changes to your business. 

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