Your Guide To Increasing Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

Remain Profitable By Properly Pricing And Packaging Your Services

When you’re struggling to generate new sales, onboard new customers and increase monthly recurring revenue, it’s easy to assume the problem is that you’re pricing your services too high. As a result, many MSPs lower their prices, only to find they’re still experiencing the same problems.

Download your free copy ofMSP Packaging And Pricing Guide: How To Drastically Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue. In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set guidelines for pricing
  • Sell value rather than products or services
  • Develop the most efficient plan for success

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The MSP Owner’s Guide to Increasing Sales

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The key to MSP success is the ability to add new managed services agreements each and every month. Unfortunately, many MSPs struggle when it comes to sales. Gary Pica and Carrie Simpson are masters of the MSP sales process. They each have built successful careers in the managed services industry, starting with sales. 

Whether you are an owner lead sales model or an MSP business owner managing a sales team you will want to hear what Gary and Carrie have to say. They both will share the key ingredients that helped them find success in a field where many others struggle. During this event you will learn:

  • Why managed services salespeople fail
  • How to eliminate price as an objection
  • How to sell more recurring revenue agreements every month
  • Two keys to doubling your sales results!

The webinar’s presentation will go right to the core of what separates the haves’ from the have not’s in the IT support industry.

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