Every Job Is Like Sales

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to present to more than 1,000 account managers at the Kaseya sales kickoff meeting in Miami. Thanks to the group’s vibrant energy and eagerness to learn, it was as enjoyable as any talk I’ve given.

I shared stories about the struggles, fears, and wins I experienced as a young salesperson. I introduced them to what I call my ‘Success Process.’ It’s a straightforward approach, focusing on three things: creating a clear vision for my life, setting meaningful goals, and being consistently accountable. This approach helped me see the clear link between my actions and outcomes, showing me just how much control I had over my career and life. It’s not just a sales technique; it transformed my entire approach to business leadership.

I always enjoy speaking with sales teams because the Success Process directly applies. Either you meet your activity goal or you don’t; you hit your quota, or you don’t. The direct tie between what you do and what you achieve is clear, straightforward, and incredibly powerful.

But let’s be honest: Every job has elements of sales. The challenge is to define what success looks like and set clear markers for accountability. The principles I’ve shared are universal — they can help anyone excel in their business and career.

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