Adapting Your MSP Culture to the Hybrid Work Environment

MSPs have varied opinions on the impact of hybrid work environments on productivity and culture. While many MSPs have embraced the way of working in the new world and adapted their cultures to it, others continue to struggle.

There are a few things I’ve picked up from speaking with successful MSPs working in hybrid work environments. First, they’re very deliberate in their communications and with meeting rhythms at every level. Missing a weekly one-on-one with a team member is no longer an option for a manager or leader. Unlike when managers and leaders were in the office, skipping a meeting with an employee is now considered a huge deal and can negatively impact an MSP’s workplace culture.

These MSPs also have more accountability and visibility into metrics for each role. Every team member understands the tasks and metrics for which their role is accountable, and there needs to be reporting in place.

Additionally, there’s another consideration — the customer relationship and how having many customers in a hybrid environment affects the relationship with the customer. Face-to-face communication is powerful; it’s critical to relationships and meaningful to us as humans. MSPs are working harder today than ever to have face-to-face time with customers. Are you facing the same challenge? If so, have you made changes to your delivery to consider this with your customer relationships?

In your team and customer relationships, ensure you are adapting to the world around you. 

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