New Integration With Compliance Manager GRC

Make compliance risks stakeholder friendly with myITprocess!

If you are an MSP, your primary responsibility is to keep your clients’ IT environments secure. Proactively identifying compliance risks is one crucial way to achieve this. However, this is only half the battle. Getting your stakeholders’ buy-in could be even more challenging since they might not know how the compliance risks impact their day-to-day operations and overall business.

Getting your clients on board by explaining how you plan on tackling compliance risks is no small feat. Our new integration with Compliance Manage GRC could be the solution you’re looking for.

With this new integration, you can add the compliance risks automatically discovered by Compliance Manager GRC into an IT roadmap in myITprocess to get stakeholders’ buy-in on the timeline and budget.

Turn compliance risks into accepted projects

Risks identified by Compliance Manager GRC will automatically surface in myITprocess, so no compliance risks are left behind. Moreover, you can have all your technology and compliance risks together in one view.

Here is a list of these risks you can view in a unified view:

  • VulScan issues — Network vulnerabilities
  • Technical issues — Password weaknesses, anti-spyware not installed
  • Requirement issues — HIPAA, network operations and monitoring, threat identification
  • Controls issues — Access permission management, identity management, HR cybersecurity management

You can easily add the risks that surfaced from Compliance Manager GRC into a myITprocess roadmap to get stakeholders’ buy-in on the proposed timeline and budget on all compliance issues. You can present the IT roadmap in an interactive, easy-to-consume presentation to easily capture their decisions and hold the clients accountable. You can also automatically summarize decisions made during QBRs on compliance risks in an automated post-meeting report and easily reference this to see progress.

Complete visibility of risks with myITprocess standards library

By supplementing compliance assessments with other standards in myITprocess, you can automatically bring the risks found in Compliance Manager GRC and have a holistic IT discussion with your stakeholders by utilizing the out-of-the-box myITprocess standards library.

This will help you access the following areas:

  • Hardware issues
  • Software updates/upgrades
  • Server infrastructure
  • Licensing information
  • Environmental concerns
  • Fire suppression
  • Air conditioning
  • Data backup
  • Core infrastructure

During QBRs, you can holistically present all identified risks that are tied to stakeholders’ strategic business initiatives to get their buy-in.

Visit our Knowledge Base for more details and step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Compliance Manager GRC integration.

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