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Every TruMethods member knows by now the importance of their Technology Success Process. Completing Technology Alignment visits (virtually or in person) and having vCIO meetings is the core of what we teach to make sure our operations run smoothly and we provide the most value possible. But there are of course other members of the operations team less directly involved with Technology Success, but no less important to the triumph of the process. How do we communicate to these other sectors and departments to make sure things continue to run smoothly?

First, TruMethods always recommends having meetings interdepartmentally to make sure that communication stays open, but also to make sure that no one is stepping on any toes. Each role should have defined edges and margins, which helps to manage team expectations and decrease tensions among team members. It’s a whole lot easier to ‘stay in your lane’ when you know exactly where that lane begins and ends.

Another thing MSPs can do is have presentations to their team members about the operations and relevant details of their clients.  If the team is aware of the client’s priorities and their operating structure, when tickets and other problems arise it will be much easier for you as the MSP to prioritize those issues appropriately.  Showing our priorities match our client’s priorities demonstrates higher value.  This can also force the vCIO to ask the right questions in their technology steering meetings to be able to communicate back to the rest of the team.  Think of it as real-time business canvassing.

The importance of communication in a company, fittingly, cannot be overstated.  While no one needs to know all of the minute details of someone else’s role, a comprehensive understanding of your clients, your team members, and proper communication channels between all parties is paramount to success as an MSP.  Continuing to have team conversations, combined with strict departmental edges, will facilitate each department completing its role to the fullest, which in turn raises your value to your customers.

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