How Unleashing Your MSP Superpower Gets You Unstuck

Every business needs a competitive advantage that sets them apart. But, with so many MSPs in the industry today and all of them offering the same basic set of services – how do you differentiate yourself?

The answer is simple: Use your Super Power.

Recently, TruMethods CTO Bob Penland and I held a webinar for our members on how an MSPcan add new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by unleashingitsSuper Power, the unique skill or service an MSP offers to its clients.

We started off talking about the concept of Impact Zones, low pointson your entrepreneurial journey where you feel like you can’t advance from where you are. Your profit margins aren’t where they should be. Your noise levels are high. Maybe you have some cash restrains. You can’t add new MRR at the right price

Put in another way — you’re stuck.

Fortunately, you can get unstuckby becoming a World Class MSP; however, as you know, or should know, that takes time. What if I told you that there was one thing that would impact your belief, results, sales, leverage and culture a lot faster?

First, start by thinking aboutthe reasons why people do business with you.(Hint: It has nothing to do with youryears of experience,your best-in-class technology or your client-focused organization.)How do you deliver better results than the other alternatives? And more importantly, how do you do it uniquely and be able to explain it to customers and prospect? 

In other words, ask yourself: “What’smySuper Power?

Your Super Powerhas to be unique to you. It’s the reason why your clients get better results with you instead of a competitor.Each one of your clients must experience your Super PowerIt’s got to impact your customers’ businesses, not just their technology.It has to be part of your culture. It has to be based in roles and processes. Every company needs Super Power.

Do you have defined roles and process that you highlight to every customer and every prospect so that your results become more tangible? 

Let’s go people! Identify what your Super Power is, and use it to justify charging more for your services.

Becoming A Top-Performing MSP

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