Embracing A Secure Future Starts With You

Every day I have conversations with MSPs that offer insights into their customers’ reservations regarding investing in security. I often hear, “My customers don’t see the critical importance of security,” or “My customers don’t believe they have anything cybercriminals might want.” But here’s an interesting fact: Your customers possess something of great value to these cyber criminals — money.

Every customer has something valuable, making them a potential target. Therefore, a certain level of risk is associated with not mitigating that risk. The question then is, what might that risk cost your customers if they were to underestimate it and fall prey to it? That’s a pivotal conversation you’re empowered to initiate with them.

Your customers operate in a world where technology is essential. They rely heavily on technology to drive their businesses forward. Imagine their routine without internet access, customer relationship management (CRM) software, or essential accounting and management software for even a single day, let alone a week or two. Can you visualize the impact on their revenue? How would they navigate through a scenario where cybercriminals held their data ransom?

When a customer finds it challenging to see the value of investing in security, we can reevaluate our approach. But here’s some friendly advice: The challenge lies more with us, not the customer. Consider the monthly increase from $3,500 to $4,500 — it might seem substantial from our perspective, but it’s a reasonable assurance for your customer’s security in the grand scheme of things. That’s the value proposition we may not be communicating effectively.

As we look forward, there are immense changes and opportunities in the MSP industry. The moment has arrived for us as MSPs to place security at the forefront and guide our customers in making better investment decisions.

Let’s overcome this hurdle together!

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