Navigating Success: Understanding the Process Matters More Than You Think

My keynote speech at Schnizzfest was meaningful because it represented the first time I could deliver a pure message on what I’d learned about the process of success, achievement, and, most importantly, fulfillment.

Without a doubt, the process of setting and achieving goals and being intentional about my self-image has shaped not only my career but also my life. How would things have turned out if I hadn’t started studying success?

Through the years, I felt people expected me to deliver new wisdom or perspective on the MSP business. But the truth is, more than a proven process like a TruMethods framework is needed to ensure you fulfill your potential.

Understanding the process of how we become effective at anything is more critical. Diving deeper into why we don’t do what we need to do is central to personal growth. The reality is that most people don’t understand the process of setting and achieving goals. Luckily, you can make progress in most things by setting goals, even if you’re bad at it.

During my speech at Schnizzfest, I noted a few common mistakes people make when setting and achieving goals:

  • First, goals must be specific and quantifiable with a completion date; this piece alone will lead you in the right direction.
  • Second, you must break them down into smaller goals you can control.
  • Lastly, and here’s where people really fall down: You need regular accountability, including the activity you control, the assumptions you’ve made, and the progress toward the end result.

The only way to succeed in your personal life and business is by understanding how to set and achieve goals effectively.

I encourage you to step back and take a moment to review your goalsetting process to ensure you’re setting yourself up for future success.

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