Need Help Selling? Review These 5 Blog Posts You May Have Missed in 2019

Put simply, I’m a sales guy. I’ve been selling for more than 30 years. I believe that sales is a craft more than a talent. Anyone who wants to learn the craft can become proficient at sales. Mastering the craft of sales has enabled me to start and successfully grow several businesses over the course of my lengthy career. We do our best here at TruMethods to help you learn the craft of sales.

To help our members with selling, our team last year published several blog posts on overcoming sales objections, presenting to prospects and generating more monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Here are seven TruMethods blog posts about selling you may have missed in 2019.

5 Sales Techniques Every MSP Salesperson Should Know

The TruMethods sales process is a framework we built from years of sales experience. MSP sales success isn’t about buzzwords, magical closing techniques or Jedi mind tricks. The TruMethods sales process is about truth, sincerity and belief. It’s about educating prospects and customers on how to look at technology, providing fresh perspectives and sticking to process.

Are You Ready for Selling Season?

Even though this blog post offers year-end advice, it’s worth reviewing now, so you can put selling season on your radar for later this year. TruMethods members are high performers, so they’re adding new customers at the right price every quarter, but during selling season, sales increase for many businesses. There are several things you should know about selling season to maximize your results.

The Sales Presentation: What MSPs Should Know

Regarding the sales process, it’s important for you to know this: Once you “go through the door”, there’s no going back, so make your presentation count. Everything changes after you present.

MRR Down? Re-Evaluate Your Sales Process

If your MRR is down, it might be time to re-evaluate your sales process. In fact, even if your MSP’s MRR is increasing every month, you should still gauge your progress in the sales process on an ongoing basis. Then, every couple of months, re-evaluate your sales process to determine where you and your sales team can improve. If you’re unsure of where to begin, look closely at where you are as a salesperson and an individual before reviewing your sales process.

Does Your MSP Sales Engine Need a Tune-Up

To be able to successfully execute your MSP sales plan for the year, your sales engine needs to be running at peak performance. If it’s not, it’s probably time for a sales engine tune-up — and just like any tune-up, there’s a sales checklist to follow to ensure everything runs smoothly the remainder of the year.

MSP Sales Mistakes

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