It’s Never Just One Thing

MSPs often tell me, “We’re good — we just need to (fill in the blank).”

“We just need more sales.”
“We just need more leads.”
“We just need more project work from our base.”
“We just need to improve our support efficiency.”

It’s almost never just one thing in the MSP business. That’s why fixing “the one thing” almost never moves the business forward meaningfully.

If you have a sales problem, it starts with your delivery and packaging. If your net recurring revenue (NRR) is low, your ticket noise is also usually high, and your seat price is probably low. The lack of NRR is a symptom of a less than strategic relationship with your customers.

This is why we developed SMART numbers benchmarking for our TruMethods Peer members. It provides them with a comprehensive view of the business, enabling them to pinpoint the key factors that truly drive growth and profitability.

So, are there things you need to fix to change your results? If so, look at them and ask if they are symptoms or root causes.

Also, ask, if we fix this one thing 100 percent, would it change the business meaningfully?

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