Is Your MSP Lost in the Dark? Here’s a Flashlight

Over the past decade, I’ve met and worked with many business leaders whose business growth, profitability and other key metrics were not rising to the level they were hoping for. These business leaders seemed to be lost in the dark, hoping to be handed a flashlight.

That flashlight would help them avoid stumbling over obstacles and ultimately show them the light! But when they finally got the flashlight they were longing for, they weren’t fully satisfied. Instead, they got stuck on which brand of flashlight was given to them.

Now let’s relate this back to the business world. Getting stuck on small details or minuscule concepts can be detrimental to business owners and can deter them from their overarching goals.  Here’s why zooming out and focusing on bigger concepts is key.

Start with the Big Concepts First

When evaluating a new approach, system, or framework, start with the larger concepts first. Do they make sense to you? Then you can determine how you can apply them to your business. You don’t need to adopt everything right away! In fact, depending on what you’re considering, you may decide not to implement every single recommendation, and that’s okay.

I see this a lot when it comes to the TruMethods framework. This framework has transformed hundreds of MSPs worldwide, yet so many business leaders who have not yet achieved their goals, get stuck on one of the details in the hours of training in our program.

To them and to you, I say this – Start with the big concepts and work your way down to the details, not the other way around. Do you have defined roles? What are the results of each of your delivery areas? If you reduce tickets and increase proactive roles and process, your value goes up and costs go down.

Decide What Details are Beneficial

Once you have an understanding of the broader concepts you’d like to implement in your business, you can move on to the details. What smaller concepts and details make sense in your business model? Will they help you provide value to your customer base?

For example, the core TruMethods framework is the concept of putting people in roles, understanding the drivers that impact how much revenue each role can manage, and what the cost per seat is for each role. When our members fully understand this framework, they can then decide how to build value in their offering, control the price that they command, and the amount of reactive noise that their business model creates.

Gaining command over larger concepts causes your business to become more simplified. Decisions are easier to make and priorities become clear.

Turn on the Flashlight

Let’s go people! Regardless of your role in the business or what project or concept you are looking to apply, I’m asking you to zoom out. Start with the big concepts and then work your way down to the fine details. Focusing too hard on the details will cause roadblocks on your road to success. This is the light! When getting handed a flashlight, don’t look at the brand, just turn it on.

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