myITprocess Feature Release: Client Overview Report

In an era where we have so many initiatives, prioritizing the key activities that make the biggest impact on your bottom line is extremely important.

The new myITprocess Client Overview Report provides a holistic view of all clients managed over all areas of vCIO technology assessments, including security, compliance, hardware, and software. This enables myITprocess users to prioritize clients or services that will make the biggest impact on their business bottom line and allow them to successfully plan out short-term and long-term goals and plans.

The myITprocess Client Overview Report helps users identify in one single view:

  • Who is your biggest opportunity and priority?
  • What technology is your biggest opportunity and priority?
  • Where is the risk for you as an MSP?
  • Which piece of technology is not managed, or which client has more areas of risk?

The Client Overview Report illustrates this by showing you a list of vCIO technology assessments and how each client scores based on these assessments.

  • Red = Weakness identified in technologies assessed
  • Yellow = Improvements are needed in technologies assessed
  • Green = Technology is aligned, and no further actions are required

The Client Overview Report provides default percentages that correspond to the associated red, yellow, and green colors to help identify your focal points and priorities. MSPs also have the option to customize the percentages to fit their own unique business requirements.

To view the Client Overview Report in myITprocess, click on Reports > Client Overview Report. For more information on this feature, check out our Knowledge Base. For more information on myITprocess, click here. We are confident that this new feature will help our existing users have further success when utilizing the myITprocess software.

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