The Hidden Impact of Security Tools on MSP Ticket Volume

With the proliferation of more tools, specifically in the security space, MSPs are seeing an uptick in the average monthly tickets per end user — so, what’s going on?

If your monthly ticket numbers haven’t changed much, you may not be tracking them correctly. Also, a point of clarification: When I use the word “tickets,” I’m talking about all tickets (this includes support tickets and alert tickets). By getting an accurate count, you can more effectively evaluate your situation.

Many MSPs overlook the importance of examining monthly tickets per end user at the micro level; however, small changes in this metric can impact your cost significantly. Consider this: If you manage 1,000 seats and your monthly tickets per end user increase by .25, that’s an additional 250 tickets per month (or about 11 more tickets per day). For many MSPs, this means needing an additional full-time technician, and for some, even two. Does that sound like a sustainable strategy in the long run?

Of course not! But many MSPs realize this only after they run their numbers correctly. I cannot stress this enough: You can only gain command over your business (meaning control of your key metrics and KPIs) when you’re using the right numbers; Otherwise, you risk making misguided decisions that could severely impact your profitability.

Get your arms around your monthly tickets per end user by ensuring that you’re reporting your tickets correctly.

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