New Feature: Automate myITprocess Client Onboarding by Leveraging IT Glue Integrations

The close of a sale is a celebratory occasion. After signing the contract, most companies might open a bottle of champagne or give a round of high-fives to celebrate the glory new revenue brings. It’s a joyful moment.

However, this moment is often short-lived since the onus is then on your team to deliver the best client onboarding process possible. Plus, there are a million tasks your team must accomplish to ensure a successful and happy engagement.

Onboarding a client is no easy task but with our latest IT Glue integration, myITprocess, onboarding will be a breeze.

By leveraging the IT Glue Organization information pulled from their growing list of PSA and RMM integrations, clients are automatically created in myITprocess, making the client onboarding process seamless.

You can also leverage your IT Glue integration to give you even more time savings. 

You can save over 50% of your time by having your IT Glue Core and Flexible Assets information handy while you conduct your technology assessment. By attaching the IT Glue Core and Flexible Assets directly to the specific question under consideration during the assessment, you can see at a glance all the details that may bring to light any out-of-alignment issues. Then, you can quickly and easily turn these out-of-alignment issues into a prioritized technology roadmap for your clients.

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