No More “Goose Eggs”!

One of our mottos in TruPeer is “no goose eggs.” We use the term “goose egg” to refer to a company that goes an entire quarter without adding new monthly recurring revenue sales. In other words, no new customers at the right price.

Through the years, we’ve tried many ways to motivate our Peer members to avoid the dreaded goose egg. One of my ideas a few years ago was that anyone with a goose egg would get tasered at the next Peer meeting. As you may have guessed, legal shot that one down. At our most recent meeting in October, we came up with a stroke of genius. If you get a goose egg in a quarter, you must get a goose egg tattoo. Awesome, right? Then I thought, wait, even better, what if everyone in your company, the entire company, had to get a goose egg tattoo? Boom! No more goose eggs ever!

Listen, we have fun with this, but there’s some real truth here. And it’s this: There is no reason for any MSP that works with TruMethods to ever have a goose egg. If you go for three months or more with no new customers (a good customer that pays your price), you must take a step back.

You must be self-aware! Growing your company is not as much of a priority as you may be telling yourself, or you just don’t know what to do or are unwilling to do it to get results. All of this is fixable.

The issue may be a level of accountability to get yourself moving in the right direction. If you spend time every week on a few basic actions for two or three months, it would be impossible to ever have a goose egg again.

Stay tuned for my next blog post to learn more about what you can do to avoid goose eggs.

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