Ready for 2021’s Selling Season? It’s Go Time!

If you’re a TruMethods veteran, you were probably expecting this blog post any day now, but if you’re new to the TruMethods framework, this year may be your first selling season. Either way, selling season is underway, and it’s time for you to add new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) at the right price.

“Selling season” is the timeframe between this week and the end of the year when the conditions are optimal to sell new monthly recurring revenue. This is the time of year when decision makers start planning for the rest of 2021 and begin thinking about 2022. They’re evaluating their businesses and making decisions. We need to be part of that process. I’m confident that this year’s selling season will be huge, based on the level of MRR sales that we’ve seen from our members so far in 2021.

Now, I want to be clear, it’s your job to achieve your sales goals every quarter. But during selling season is when we hit the accelerator. There’s something about the psychology of this time of year, as business leaders turn their attention to year end. I’ve seen the impact of selling season over several decades. Every SMB has a new business plan based on COVID impact.

All decision makers are more open to talking and listening. We have great wedges right now with security and collaboration. Our messaging of Technology Success is resonating even more with all these changes. Yeah, man, it’s go time! “Go time” means that you have to do something different. You have to increase time, attention, activity, and accountability around new sales.

Now, if you don’t have a daily plan, weekly activities start now. If you have a plan, relook at it and make sure it’s dialed in. New customers at the right price are the lifeblood of a profitable and thriving MSP.

When I owned my MSP, I had a self-instruction card that I read each day. On it, was the following: “Every day I stay focused on finding new customers. I don’t let busy work get in the way. Success is too important. If you’ve had a good sales year, this is time to make it great. If you struggled so far this year, you still have time to make your goals.”

Remember what I always say: 2022 doesn’t know when you sold the MRR. Q4 MRR may not impact 2021 revenue, but it will have a full impact in 2022. (It’s the bonus round!) Also, think about the same approach for current customers. vCIOs need to understand that their customers are planning for 2022. There are a lot of things they need to consider related to security, collaboration, cloud migration, and other business changes driven by economic changes, supply chain issues, inflation, and other factors.

Dig in now. This is a great sales call talk track for every customer. It’s selling season. Let’s go, people!

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