The Difference Between Skill and Logic

I want to discuss the power of logic. I was recently working on a big project. It was complex and involved a team of people, and it reminded me of many of the complex IT projects we faced when I operated my MSPs.

Many times, people would simply dive in and get to work. These were smart, well-intended people with extensive domain knowledge, but they missed planning and logic. This would slow down what we were doing and cause unwanted client problems.

I’d see this with problem-solving as well. For instance, I remember working with our technical team when I owned my MSPs. When working on technical issues, sometimes, the team would get stuck. I’m not a technical person, but I would ask questions, apply logic, and end up with a troubleshooting plan that achieved the right results. Many times, logic is more important than technical knowledge.

It’s crucial to ask yourself: Am I teaching my leaders and team members to prioritize logic, planning, and then action? Don’t assume that people understand this. It’s not instinctive; it’s a skill you teach.

Rather than providing solutions outright, teach them the logic so that they can develop that skill.

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