Technology Success: Should You Bring Your MSP Customers Along for the Ride?

As I’ve mentioned before, the next MSP evolution is Technology Success. Just being an MSP isn’t a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. The MSP market has matured and reached a saturation point. To survive, you must — since you and your competitors are probably using the same technologies and tools — evolve by providing higher levels of business service to your customers.

Becoming a Technology Success Provider (TSP) is going to take some time. If you are new to the Technology Success model or need a refresher, check out this free guide.

One of the most important actions you can take when building a value-based TSP is to keep your customers in the loop. Make them aware of what you’re doing every step of the way. You owe it to them, don’t you?

This means your customers must look at you differently — and with the right effort, they will.

On your way to Technology Success World?

Beginning your journey to Technology Success World is the first step to transitioning to the TSP model, but what you must remember is this: Don’t leave anybody behind, including your customers.

You should always communicate changes to your customers (this is especially true if you’re raising the price of your offering). You must be able to clearly explain the following in simple terms: the changes being made, why you’re making them, and how they’ll ultimately impact your customers.

The earlier on you inform customers of changes, the better off you’ll be in the long run. That’s why bringing customers along with you on your journey to Technology Success World is key to your success as an TSP. Your customers want to know where you’re heading, so invite them on the ride.

While you’ve got their attention, talk about your new proactive process: Technology Success.

While I’ve got you, let’s discuss Technology Success and what it means for you

When talking about Technology Success with your customers, highlight the value the TSP model delivers to them in a way they can understand. Talk in their language, not yours.

Point out the significance of Technology Success being a proactive process instead of a reactive one. The experienced TSP can effectively and efficiently reduce reactive noise levels. Instead of focusing on reactive tasks — such as managing tickets, alerts and projects — TSPs build strategic relationships with clients to assist with impacting overall business initiatives.

They also go out of the way to uncover technical risk or pain (a process known to TruMethods members as Technical Alignment). Uncovering technical risk is an ongoing process. TSPs dedicate resources to uncovering technical risk. Compared to MSPs, being proactive about uncovering technical risk is just one of the many ways TSPs provide additional value to their own customers.

TSPs build strategic relationships with their customers. Don’t wait to transform your business. Begin as soon as you start your journey to Technology Success World by including your customers. Keep them in the loop every step of the way, and be sure to sit down with them to highlight the benefits.

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