The World is Changing, With or Without You

I believe that 10 years from now, we’ll look back at this time, and it will represent a massive turning point for mankind in many ways, some of which we can’t even imagine today — the global economy, global geopolitical dynamics, work habits, the buying habits of customers, medicine, technology, national defense, and more.

It will take years before any of us know the pandemic’s full impact on our world. While we’re all just guessing today, there are some things we can look at to get a better sense of what may be in store for us tomorrow. For instance, this much we can agree on: The world will change, with or without us, and we can accept that change or fight it.

Let’s focus on just some of the changes and things that we’re seeing in the MSP channel and with our customers. For instance, changing work habits for us and our customers is clear. There will be a hybrid of remote work and in-person work.

Some of the additional changes we’re seeing at this time include the growing number of cybersecurity threats (accelerated cloud adoption; increased tech spending for SMBs), more compliance regulations, the consolidation of MSPs at the top of the market, entrance barriers for new MSPs, talent scarcity, and the consolidation of software providers in the channel.

All the changes I’ve mentioned have created a new group of economic winners and losers. Where do you fit in? How will things play out for your competitors? How will these changes impact your own business?

It’s time to stay on top of what’s happening, to read more, and most of all, talk to more people. Stay away from political bias as much as you can. Try to separate what you think from what you observe. Our opinions won’t change reality; the changes will come, with or without us.

Think about how the current and future changes will impact your customers, your offering, and how you hire and manage people. How does a rapidly changing environment impact the decisions that you make daily?

Having perspective on the changing world around us gives MSPs the competitive advantage they need to thrive.

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