TruMethods Member Q&A: Why Structure in Peer Groups Matters

You don’t join a peer group to network with people in your industry. You join one to learn and overcome the challenges you’re facing. And the only way a peer group can help you with that is by being organized and providing you with the right content.

“I was introduced to TruPeer by a colleague that is a long-time member,” said Jason Buckley, Partner at Jasco Technology, a Las Vegas-based MSP. “Our rapidly growing MSP was causing a lot of management pain we were looking to both understand and fix.”

During our one-on-one conversation, he revealed how TruPeer is different than other industry peer groupswhat he’s learned from being a member of our peer group, and how other MSPs can benefit from TruPeer.

A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

How is TruPeer different than other peer groups in the industry?

I have found TruPeer to be hyperorganizedwith the meetings and content organized in a way that allows me to get what I need without wasting a minute of my time. Other peer groups I’ve been part of are not as efficient as TruPeer.

What has been the most valuable takeaway from TruPeer?

The validation of all the “gut feelings” I’ve had since starting our MSP.I expected there to be a better way to do what we were trying to doTruPeer has laid it all outplus I now have a close relationship with the other TruPeer members in my POD.

How have you learned how to work smarter, not harder?

I have been working even harder at working smarter! 

How can MSPs benefit from TruPeer

TruPeer gives you access to a gold mine of content that will help guide you to make your MSP more profitable and grow faster. I have built relationships with eight other likeminded MSP owners/operators that are trying to make their MSP better. I can’t think of anything more valuable than that!

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