Three Awesome Q&As With TruMethods’ Members From 2022

Whether on the road or in my office, I make it a point to speak with as many managed service providers (MSPs) as possible. By doing this, I get a better grasp of what they’re struggling with, what TruMethods and its peer groups can do better to assist them with overcoming those challenges and how the industry can adapt to changing times.

Sometimes, we at TruMethods even interview our members for the TruMethods blog. Many of the interviews have received overwhelmingly positive responses from our members.

Here are the top three TruMethods member Q&As you may have missed in 2022.

TruMethods Member Q&A: Peer groups help MSPs “work smarter, not harder”

MSPs are usually hesitant about joining peer groups. They question the value, the time commitment and the time requirements. We are at a pivotal time in the MSP industry. Things are changing fast, and business leaders need more knowledge and perspective. Now is a great time to consider joining an industry peer group. In this interview, Adam M. Casgar, president of Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC, a Brunswick, Georgia-based MSP, shared why MSPs should join peer groups if they want to work smarter, not harder, and why peers are the furthest thing from multilevel marketing (MLM).

TruMethods Member Q&A: “TruPeer means opportunity and growth”

While TruPeer may mean something different to each one of its members, those who get the most out of TruMethods’ most popular peer group find they’re strategically aligned with TruPeer. During this conversation, Ed Lukacs, CEO of 2Fifteen Tech, a Salt Lake City-based MSP, revealed how his business has benefitted from TruPeer, how it is different than other peer groups in the industry and what he’s learned from fellow TruPeer members.

TruMethods Member Q&A: Why TruPeer is like a gym membership

“What you put into life is what you get out of it.” — The same can be said about gym memberships, music lessons and TruPeer. In this interview, Roger Michelson, CEO of BNMC, a Woburn, MA-based MSP and TruMethods member, explained how TruMethods and its TruPeer program have helped him overcome business challenges, what MSPs should know about Smart Numbers and the importance of proper business planning.

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