Turn myITprocess Recommendations Into Autotask Opportunities

Elevate your service desk and effortlessly track strategic projects

Congratulations! Your client has accepted a project you recommended based on out-of-aligned areas you found in their business. Now, your responsibility is to deliver this service smoothly and efficiently. By automatically creating Autotask Opportunities from client-accepted projects in myITprocess, every project can be seamlessly managed and executed within Autotask, with no manual work required.

Gain complete visibility into strategic projects in your PSA tool

myITprocess helps you identify technology risks in your client’s environment. You can then easily add these risks to a roadmap while ensuring they align with client-approved budgets and timelines. Once a customer accepts your project, you can automatically turn it into an Autotask Opportunity on the same screen without jumping into your PSA tool.

With this feature, you can automatically turn client-accepted myITprocess recommendations into Autotask Opportunities, so you can clearly see their progress and ensure the lifecycle of any project is seamlessly handled and consistently executed in time, every time.

Everyone on the team, including service desk technicians, can have a comprehensive overview of your client’s IT environment and risk status by bringing myITprocess recommendations next to the rest of your Autotask Opportunities. This feature makes the entire experience, from client approval to project implementation, effortless, making you more efficient in providing your clients with the best service.

From planning to action in one click

With myITprocess, you can automatically start working on identified technology risks with 1-Click Ticket Creation available for Autotask, BMS and ConnectWise. As you complete a technology alignment review, quickly loop in technicians and enable them to take action immediately.

With this feature, you can reduce ticket volume and avoid escalations by proactively creating tickets from out-of-alignment issues as you review your client’s IT environment.

Visit our Knowledge Base for more details and step-by-step instructions on how to set up Autotask integration.

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