MSP Secrets For Increasing Your Client Referrals

Is your sales team working hard to attract new clients? From cold calls to marketing efforts, there are a number of ways to reach out to potential clients. But one of the best ways to spread the word that you’re a great MSP is through referrals.

Find out three MSP client management tactics you should employ to encourage referrals. When you use these strategies, you’ll leverage your current clients for increased MSP sales.

1. Provide The Best Service Possible

First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re providing the best customer servicepossible to your clients. It’s common sense — you’ll never get a good review if your clients aren’t happy.

One way to ensure your clients are happy is by building strong relationships with them. Make sure you’re maintaining the continuity of the teams servicing your clients. When a client is comfortable working with a specific employee or team, try to keep that employee or team with the client.

Also, make sure your IT service goes above and beyond as often as possible. Do proactive evaluations of your clients’ systems to make sure everything is operating efficiently and they won’t face any issues that affect productivity. When your clients are happy with how you provide their IT services, they’ll be willing to pass the word along to their friends or colleagues.

2. Offer Incentives

Referring your MSP services to a potential client does take a little effort from your current client. Whether you want them to write a testimonial to put on your website or share your information with someone at another company, you’re asking them to devote time to the process. That’s why you should show your appreciation with incentives.

Whether it’s a percentage off their next month’s service or a simple gift card to say “thank you,” providing an incentive for client referrals is a great way to get results. Demonstrate your gratitude for a referral and show how much you value your current client and their business.

3. Just Ask!

Often, your MSP doesn’t receive a referral for one simple reason — you never asked for one!

Timing is everything. Make sure you ask your clients for referrals after a win, such as a successful large system implementation or a process solution that increased productivity. When the client is happy, they’re primed to spread the word about great service and you’ll increase your MSP sales.

Another common mistake when it comes to MSP client management is not asking twice. If you have a client that’s referred you in the past, ask them to do so again. Tap into your most valuable resource: you long-term clients.

With these MSP client management strategies, you’ll increase the number of referrals you generate for your business. By providing great customer service (which you’re already doing, right?), showing your appreciation with incentives and asking for the referral, you’ll be on your way to generating some valuable leads for your MSP.

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